Equally important to choosing the right kind of boots for your work environment and the particulars of your job is choosing the right socks for the job, weather and type of boots you’re wearing. It’s important that your socks adequately protect your skin against uncomfortable rubbing from your boots and also protects against inclement weather you may or may not encounter on the job.

There are a few different types of socks you’ll need to consider when shopping: cold weather socks, outdoor sports sock, and work socks.

Cold Weather Socks

When out in cold temperatures during the late fall and winter seasons, it’s important that you adequately protect yourself against the cold and wet weather conditions. The most obvious cold weather gear is a warm winter coat, insulated pants or thermal undergarments, a hat and gloves. However, it’s extremely important to also protect your feet from a serious injury like hypothermia.

A sock-like the Diabetic Thermal Crew Sock is nice for everyday wear beneath your boots because of the insulation for added warmth and the full cushioning. As an added bonus the socks have odor control technology and are accepted by the American and Canadian Podiatric Medical Association.

Another option is the Field Boot Crew Sock that is great for colder conditions with Wonder-Wick moisture control technology that prevents the growth of fungus. In addition to the insulation appropriate for cold winters, the Stay-Put technology around the calf and ankle guarantees you won’t need to continue pausing to pull up your socks.

Outdoor Sport Socks

As important as it is to protect your feet against cold weather, it’s also important to make sure socks are breathable in warm weather, and are designed for the occasion. When it comes to Outdoor Sports, you’ll need to be mindful of the risks of long hours on your fete in your boots in addition to hypothermia, such as blisters and fungus growth.

The Cool Lite Hiker Pro sock is a great sock for warm weather hiking that comes equipped with dry feet and no odor technology that not only prevents smell but prevents the growth of fungus. The breathable panels also help to keep your feet cool in warm hiking temperatures. Perhaps the best feature is the no-blister technology.

The Merino Wool Lite Hiker sock is a great option for cool weather in the fall. The Ultra soft Merino wool is a no itch, no shrink material that will keep your feet warm as the weather begins to get cool. The foot hugging and comfort technology and stay put leg and top guarantees no slipping on long, Fall hikes along your favorite trails.

Work Socks

There are so many different work environments that require different types of boots to keep you safe and help you perform on the job. You’ll need to be mindful not only of the weather conditions but of the types of boots you will be wearing. For instance, you would not choose the same socks for steel toe boots that you would for a composite toe.

The At Work Steel Toe Crew Sock is a great option for workers who require a steel toe boot. The long-wearing heel and toe is durable enough to withstand the pressures of steel toe boots in any condition while protecting your skin from warm and cold weather that would potentially cause injury to your toes. In addition to the long-wearing technology, the antimicrobial treated material that kills odor-causing bacteria helps to keep odor and fungus at bay.

For farmers and field workers who wear the taller boots for protection against the environment, you may enjoy the 7-Footer Knee length Tube sock. It is a one size fits all tall tube sock with a stay-put top that will keep your socks above the tops of your boots to prevent rubbing and blisters that too-short socks may cause. It is fully cushioned and has a low profile toe closure.

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